See eligibility tab for age rules and cutoff dates


-  Based on enrollment,some divisions may be combined


-  Winter circuit will be 20 minute running clock halves.  Clock will stop last 2 minutes of each half. Spring/Summer will be stopped clock.

   12   minute halves for ages 13(7th) and under. 14 minute halves for ages 14(8th) and over.

    Mercy rule: Clock will run with a point diff of 20+. Clock will stop if game margin gets to 15 or less

-  Crossover reserves the right to switch to 18 minute running halves if a court is running at least 15 minutes behind


-  2 timeouts per half(30 seconds each)  Timeouts from first half do not carry over to the second half


-  If asked the home team shall provide a scorekeeper


-  3 minute warmup before each game.  2 minute halftime


-  Co-Ed teams are not permitted


-  Each team is responsible for providing their own warm up and game balls(Boys 4th-6th grade and all girls games will use the 28.5 ball)


-  2 minute overtime,double OT etc.  1 timeout per OT-No carryover; Sudden death after second OT(No TOs)


-  6 personal fouls per player


-  No player shall be double rostered within the same age bracket


-  One and one shooting bonus on 10th team foul.  Double bonus on 13th


-  No harrasment of officials,players or coaches will be tolerated

-  Fighting of any kind is not tolerated and will result in suspension from the entire event


-  Technical foul counts as both a personal and team foul


-  2 technical fouls will result in ejection from the current game and suspension from the following game.  This applies to both players and

   coaches; An ejection of any kind will result in suspension for the following game.  Suspended coaches will not be allowed in or around

   the bench area


-  There will be a 10 minute grace period for late arriving teams. Clock will start and opposing team will receive 2 points for each minute that

    passes.  Game forfeited after 10 minute clock expires

-  2 pool games will be played followed by bracket/consolation play


-  Forfeited games will count as a game played. Max points will be awarded to the winning team


-  Maximum margin of victory/defeat will be 15 points


-  No pressing will be allowed once the game margin has reached 20 points. Pressing can resume if the game margin drops below 20

-  First tie breaker will be head to head to results


-  Second tie breaker will be point differential


-  Third tie breaker will be total points scored


-  Fourth tie breaker will be total points allowed


-  Final tie breaker will be a coin flip

-  In the event that 3 or more teams have the same record within the same division first tie breaker will be point differential


-  Only rostered coaches and players permitted  on the bench.  No fans or spectators in/around the bench or scoreboard



-  All coaches must sign in at the registration table before their first game of the day


-  2 weekend pass wristbands will be provided for each registered team


-  Teams should back up their rosters with proof of age in the event of a question/protest.  A $100 protest fee will be in affect for all events


-  There will be no refunds of any kind.  There will be no refunds if a team drops out in less than 7 days before the event

-  In the event that a facility cancels or closes  before a scheduled Crossover Hoops event,Crossover Hoops retains the right to credit any 

   team fees towards a future event