With the ever-growing concern of sports-related concussions, Crossover Hoops Inc. has taken the initiative to implement its own concussion policy.  We have joined the national movement, with the intent to protect our participants. 

It is the purpose of Crossover Hoops Inc., to promote the utmost safety for all of its participants who participate in a Crossover Hoops Inc. event and/or venue; to do so in a manner that provides reasonable safety and well-being at all times.

Crossover Hoops Inc. recognizes that the potential for harm from concussions is a serious matter, and must be addressed immediately. Henceforth, our Concussion Policy was implemented to limit the potential harm, which could result from continued participation after a concussion-related injury.

We have therefore established a Concussion Policy for and on behalf of Crossover Hoops Inc., which is as follows:  Where there is reasonable cause to believe that a concussion may have occurred, the participant shall not be allowed to continue his/her participation in the Crossover Hoops Inc. event/activity without a medical release; giving permission to resume such participation. Any player sustaining a head injury will result in immediate suspension from tournament play, until Crossover Hoops Inc. is provided with a professional medical release form. No coach, parent or player can override the Crossover Hoops Inc. Concussion Policy.

Coaches/Directors can take free online courses that provide important information, in handling situations that may involve concussion injuries.  See below:

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides free training for its athletes and their parents.

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports Program App